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Suspended Ceiling Insulation - Specification Sheet
This insulation system is comprised of two separate items:-
Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads [Encapsulated (Bagged) Insulation]
Solarguard Toppers.
These can be used separately or together, as required e.g.
If there is already some insulation in the roof above the suspended ceiling, take the depth of that into account when calculating the suspended ceiling insulation depth requirement.
If there is an air conditioning system in the building, that becomes regularly stressed because of excessive heat / cold percolating through the ceiling from the roof void due to having (say) a metal or glass roof, consider using a Solarguard Topper with or without an insulation pad, above the suspended ceiling. This will conduct, convect and reflect back heat or cold from both surfaces reducing energy use by the air-con system.
Solarguard Toppers (see specification below) are of negligible weight (0.186kg) and although only 6.5mm deep they have insulation properties equal to 80mm of fibreglass insulation.   For instance, if there is (say) 100mm of insulation in the roof then you will most probably be looking to achieve an overall insulation depth of 270mm – 300mm. You would, therefore, likely use Solarguard Topper (80mm equivalent) + a 100mm depth insulation pad + existing roof insulation = Total insulation depth 100 + 80 + 100 = 280mm.
The benefits of using Green Planet Insulation encapsulated insulation above suspended ceilings are –
a)    no loose fibres to enter the air conditioning system or contaminate the skin or clothing of
       maintenance workers needing to access the roof void
b)    ease of moving and re-positioning to permit access to the ceiling void
c)    the insulation does not deteriorate or become messy by being lifted and so will not need to be  
        renewed over time
d)    it is light-weight
e)    It can safely be used above and around lights and cables
f)     If it is installed in a tenanted property it can be removed and taken to another location if required. 
Present UK insulation recommendations are that 270 – 300mm depth of insulation should be installed in order to maximise heat conservation and cut carbon emissions into the atmosphere.  
CONSTRUCTIONHigh-performance mineral wool encapsulated in green, breathable, fire-retardant polywrap.
Encapsulation material 
This is a Fire-retardant polywrap.
Data Sheet Directive 2001/58/EEC : Ignition temperature 300 degrees C.  Odour neutral.  Density 1.46g /cc nominal.  Made from virgin polymer. Has a flame retardant additive and is suitable for encapsulating fibrous insulation. 
Confirms in all respects to requirement of ISO 9002/2000.    Flame test – Zero transient ignition, no flaming droplets, no flaming reaching edge of sheet during ignition, no spread of flame, no flaming droplets from vertical sheet. 
Certificate Ref no. GB10562   Date 10 June 2008
Insulation encapsulated in Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pad  
This is typically Knauf Crown Loft Roll 44 - non-combustible inorganic glass wool, defined as mineral wool in BS 3533 and is manufactured in accordance with BSI QA standard BS EN ISO 9001 2001 or URSA 10 Roll
Depth               Thermal Conductivity(W/mK)          Thermal resistance (m2K/W)            
200mm                         0.044                                        4.5
170mm                         0.044                                        3.85
150mm                         0.044                                        3.40
100mm                         0.044                                        2.25
PAD SIZE: Standard pad = Length 1.2 meter, Width 600mm, Area 0.72m2
PAD DEPTHS AVAILABLE: 100mm, 150mm, 170mm, 200mm
We can supply bespoke sizes to order but they cannot exceed 600m width.
No loose fibres
Clean and easy to handle
Can be stacked
Can be taken with you when you move location!
Lightweight (Depths :100mm 1.06kg,/ 150mm 1.0kg,/ 170mm 1.01kg, /200mm 1.03kg.
Flexible and resilient
Delivered rolled and boxed.   Boxes typically contain 11 x 100mm depth; 10 x 150mm; 9 x 170mm; 8 x 200mm pads.   See also 'NOTE'  below
DELIVERY CHARGES (incl VAT): Courier £9.40 per box.  15+ boxes check delivery address postcode with us as pallet delivery may be more cost effective.  (See ‘Ventilation Features’ and  'NOTE' – below)  Purchaser collection is possible. 
We make no charges for packaging or delivery if we are commissioned to perform the installation.
VENTILATION FEATURES: There is a ventilation hole in one seam of approx 1” - this is to enable the pads to be rolled for transporting and also to assist in reconstitution when insulation pads leave the boxes.   Reconstitution time is approx 24 - 48 hours depending on the air temperature in the location where they are sited on arrival.
The pads also have pin prick size ventilation holes to prevent condensation.  This Suspended Ceiling Insulation will not cause condensation but please ensure that the area to be insulated is properly ventilated.
NOTE: We prefer the pads to have both of these ventilation features but they can be modified on request for use in (say) medical or food environments.     If they do not have a 1” ventilation opening, they cannot be delivered rolled and boxed so a flat delivery will be required that could incur higher delivery charges.    
These are manufactured from Solarguard Foil Insulation with an insulated core, the VERY LATEST technology from the USA that blocks heat GAIN or LOSS!
It is manufactured by Guardian Industries - the largest American insulation manufacturer. 
Description: High-performance, double-sided reflective foil insulation consisting of a 1/4" (6.5mm)  fibreglass core, bonded to two exterior layers of 99% pure aluminium.
The foil in Solarguard can reflect back 97% of radiant energy striking it.
Insulation properties of this material are equal to those of 80mm depth of fibreglass insulation.
Solarguard has a first class fire-rating  - copy certificate available on request.
Solarguard (unlike most foil insulation manufactured or imported into the UK) contains ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC and can be used around and close to heat sources (lights and cables etc) to 300 degrees C.
BBA Certificate is agreed and in process.   Solarguard is already fully certified in USA.  (Copy certificate available on request).
Other Solarguard information links:-
This is a pad of Solarguard Foil Insulation fashioned to fit onto one surface of a Suspended Ceiling  Insulation Pad.
Size Each standard size Solarguard Topper covers 0.72m2 to fit the standard 600mm wide 1.2 meter length Suspended Ceiling Insulation pads.  
However Insulation Pads and Toppers can be made in bespoke sizes.
Weight of standard size Topper   0.186kg
How to Use 
Can be used either alone 
together with Insulation Pads to provide a reflective surface and additional insulation with an exceptionally low weight tariff.
The inclusion of Solarguard above a suspended ceiling provides not only insulation but also protection against stress for the air conditioning system in the area below the suspended ceiling.
Because Solarguard has reflective properties, it prevents excessive heat, from above the suspended ceiling, percolating through to the workspace below in hot weather and assists in maintaining the workspace temperature at an ambient level in all seasons.
Solarguard has a top fire classification and can be safely used around light fittings and on radiant panels. (Copy Fire Certificate available on request).
Pads have 2 strips of heat-resistant double-sided fixing tape on one surface in order to attach them to the Suspended Ceiling Insulation pads.  
This tape has been tested between a Suspended Ceiling Insulation pad and a Solarguard Topper in controlled conditions to 85 degrees C for 14 days.
When fitting the Toppers to the pads, the pads should be placed to enable them to sit 3 to 5mm proud of the encapsulated pads to create a small space between the pad and the Topper thereby enabling the conduction, convection and radiation of heat from the lower surface to take place.  This will reflect back heat into the area below the suspended ceiling.   
The top surface of the Topper will act in reverse and keep heat or cold (depending on the season) in the roof void.
Go Green Insulations can provide an installation service, if required, and are CHAS certified.  
Carbon Trust loans, interest free and repayable over up to 4 years are available to qualifying businesses.  
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